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The Speech Centre has been providing support to disabled users for over a decade. As well as our core speech recognition products we are extremely well versed in a number of enabling technologies. These include literacy, mind mapping and screen reading software, as well as magnification software and products.

Our trainers are trained and experienced in working with vulnerable adults, both in home and work situations. We frequently work with people via Access to Work or the Disabled Students Allowance. For further information regarding ourwork with these schemes please click here

Physical Disability | Invisible Disability

Physical Disability

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a general term used to describe the pain felt in muscles, nerves and tendons caused by repetitive movement and overuse. It's also known as work-related upper limb disorder, or non-specific upper limb pain.

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Invisible Disability

Speech recognition software helps with reading and writing, as it both reduces the need for spelling and speeds up writing. Literacy software helps overcome difficulties faced by dyslexics in many ways including reading out text, changing screen colours and checking spelling. Along with other products such as mind mapping software these assist with processing, memory and learning, and comprehension and construction of text.

People with visual impairments are frequently helped by software that magnifies the screen, changes colours and enhances pointers and cursors. Additionally screen reading software can not only read out text in documents and web pages, it can also alert people to events on the screen such as pop-up messages and changes in system state.