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Dolphin SuperNova Access Suite

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Dolphin SuperNova Access Suite

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SuperNova is a full screen reader offering magnification, speech AND Braille support, giving people with visual impairment the freedom to access Windows in the way that suits them best.

SuperNova has been developed for all visually impaired users, from low vision to blind. It is ideal for both individual users, who experience varying or deteriorating eye conditions during a working day or for institutional settings, such as in school or work, that need to provide solutions for visually impaired groups with a range of sight difficulties.

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Key Features:

  • SuperNova includes magnification, speech and Braille output to cater for all types of visual impairments.
  • A combined screen reader and magnifier helps to reduce eye strain by allowing users to increase magnification or add speech during the day as eyes become tired.
  • SuperNova includes a full screen magnifier with features such as variable magnification, multiple screen management styles and a variety of colour replacement options to overcome partial sight impairments.
  • It also includes a full screen reader for people who are blind, which can cope with text and Braille input together with speech and Braille output.
  • SuperNova represents a totally integrated solution, so for the system administrator, having a single combined package avoids compatibility and stability issues and means only a single purchase and a single product to train and support.
  • Works with most popular applications “out of the box”, non-standard applications that do not work with can usually be mapped easily.