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The Speech Centre is widely recognised as one of the leading centres of expertise in the implementation and training of Speech Recognition solutions in both professional and disabled markets.

However, our consultants are computer specialists with expertise across a number of business disciplines. No two requirements are the same. The secret of a successful implementation is in good planning and understanding the capabilities of various options, then tailoring the best-suited to meet user and work requirements. Our consultants are experienced in standard computer applications as well as the specialist areas such as speech recognition and ergonomics software. Using their expertise they will provide a full report comprising such things as best options avaliable; the implications; a plan of action and project management.

Ergonomic and Technical Assessments

Speech Centre staff have, both as individuals and now as a company, over twenty years experience in tailoring and training computer applications for use in the professional marketplace. They are therefore eminently qualified to provide expert advice and assistance in helping you formulate your IT requirements – whether you are a large company requiring a full training programme or a small unit wanting to install a small network.

The Speech Centre offers everything from an informal telephone chat to a full-blown company and user assessment with detailed report on requirements. With so much technology on the market it is very easy to spend a lot of money with very little return.

A Speech Centre Assessment will provide you with the focus you need to optimise your IT investment.

Requirement Analysis




Turnkey Implementation Programmes

Integration Programmes

For many users and businesses there is no standard off-the-shelf solution to meet all needs. Using the tailoring and integration services of The Speech Centre many of the products can be tailored to provide such things as hands free use, integration between applications and hardware, macro and template development, etc. Speech Centre staff have up to twenty years experience in computer applications and are able to work within the programs to provide an optimum solution.



The Speech Centre has always been recognised as a Premium Training Company. Over the years Speech Centre staff have trained and implemented IT solutions based on Wang and IBM, and later PC Networks under Dos, then Windows and NT. Whether you are currently using WordPerfect, an old edition of Word or Ami-Pro – or have the latest Office Suite or Speech Recognition System available – The Speech Centre have a course for you. Staff provide training from basic to advanced level on all current and many past products and are happy to tailor a training programme to fit in with your own work and time requirements.


1-to-1 Training

Online Training

Bespoke Software Training

Coping Strategy Training



Support Contracts

The Speech Centre offers a comprehensive range of general computer hardware and software support together with specialist support in the speech recognition and ergonomics products we provide.

These include milti-level courses for everything from standard telephone support to on site assistance with standard response times.

Ad hoc Training

Whatever the requirement a simple call to The Speech Centre will provide further information on how a support scheme can be constructed to meet the specific needs.


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