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ClaroRead Plus v6 For Mac

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ClaroRead Plus v6 For Mac

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ClaroRead is a highly effective, multi-sensory software solution for supporting reading and writing. Designed with maximum simplicity and flexibility for all ages and abilities, ClaroRead aids concentration and increases confidence.

ClaroRead can speak practically any on-screen text out loud, and is perfectly integrated with Microsoft Word. With ClaroRead Plus and Pro, scanned books and documents are also read back with complete clarity.

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Reads Microsoft Word with speech and highlighting so you can follow the text as it is read out by high-quality human-sounding speech.
Reads PDF files with speech and highlighting with the included ClaroSpeak Mac App.
Reads text in email, webpages, and any other program you want by selecting with the mouse, pointing with the mouse, or capturing from the screen.
Read paper documents with scanning (OCR) in ClaroRead Plus
Reads English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and twnty-four other languages with 80 different voices and accents so you can listen to a voice you like.
Choose highlighting by word, by sentence, any colour, and lots of combinations so you can get just the right one for you.
Word prediction
Suggest words as you type to help with spelling and writing.
Prediction all speaks so you can choose the word you want by hearing it.
Learn new predictions as you type or train it in a particular subject.
Listen back to your text after you have written – hear mistakes you can’t spot when you read.
Listen to each word or sentence as you type so you can hear mistakes immediately.
Speaking spellcheck lets you select the word you want by hearing the alternatives.
Support for homophones and easily-confused words like “there” and “their” and “they’re” including images to help you select the correct word.
Advanced phonetic, dyslexic and problem spelling corrections like “neel” (kneel) and “necessary”.
Check anywhere, in Mail or Safari or Chrome, not just Microsoft Word.
Add your own confusing and problem words to help you proofread.
Speaking dictionary for any word in any program.
Check words online for more information.
Change the font to something you find easier to read in prediction and Microsoft Word documents with a single click.
Increase line spacing to stop you getting lost between lines.
Increase space between paragraphs to help separate and understand them.
Increase character spacing to reduce “rivers of white” and help with reading.
Make text bigger to make it easier to read and make each line shorter.
Select colours for text and background that are best for you.
Listening later
Read text into an audio file to listen to later (on your ‘phone, on the move, for study).
Scanning (OCR) – ClaroRead Plus
Convert paper documents, documents like Pages or Word or PDF or images, into text, PDF, Word and many other formats for reading and annotation later.
Turn paper and PDFs into plain text for study or annotation.