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Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

Our aim is to help people in all areas of professional and personal life, whether disabled or able-bodied, to use computers and information technology as effectively and efficiently as possible.

We want everybody to have the opportunity to succeed with their computer solutions and we are committed to making sure that our clients select the correct technology for their requirements and that they are confident in its use. Many of our clients have spent years training in their own profession and need to use computer technology in their workplace. We’re here to help these people to stay in their profession and feel comfortable in the knowledge that they don’t have to be a computer expert to do so. Other clients require anything from computer solutions and ergonomic aids to software training and installation assistance.

The Speech Centre team are experienced and qualified professionals who have been providing the interface between people, their computer systems and applications for over twenty years. Our qualified team have also worked in a wide variety of backgrounds including legal, insurance, banking, accountancy, health, public sector, disability support and technical support. All specialise in dealing directly with individual users whether they are independent or working for large corporates.

Our work and achievements in the area of computer speech recognition has not gone unnoticed. The extensive recognition of many leading professional and disabled associations for the assessment, supply, integration, training and development services of The Speech Centre pay testament to our achievements.

However, this is but one of our areas in trying to unite people and technology, hence our motto: “People & Technology in Harmony”.

The Speech Centre’s portfolio of products and services is renowned for its quality, reliability and attention to detail. Our current clients are benefiting from a range of specialist and exclusive products and enhancements developed by us to further assist users in  the efficient use of computers and speech products. Many products in the range, whilst appearing at the outset to be specific, have equal relevance to a much broader cross-section of users.

We offer a vast range of services to all our customers including Consultancy, Assessments, Training, Tailoring and Integration and Support.


The Speech Centre is widely recognised as one of the leading centres of expertise in the implementation and training of Speech Recognition solutions in both the professional and disabled markets